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  • vinci_deluxe_classic_pillow

    Vinci Pillows by Care to Comfort

    The Vinci range of pillows offer superb luxury combined with Outlast Cover Technology. Ecological AIR VISCO  Memory Foam Structure. The Open-Pore AIR VISCO material allows air to circulate freely. The material absorbs body heat to contour itself to the exact shape of the head and neck, providing a perfect distribution of pressure points and the ideal support to ensure correct posture. The Advantages at a Glance :
    • Active temperature regulation.
    • Less Overheating.
    • Less Chilling.
    • Less Perspiration.
    • More Comfort.
    DeLuxe Classic Pillow. Deluxe Shoulder Pillow.   Contour Pillow. *See images below.   The Vinci Range of Pillows complements the Bed Linen collection by Care to Comfort.

    Scroll down for Prices.

  • Revital Orthopaedic Mattress
    Revital Orthopaedic Mattress

    Revital Orthopaedic Mattress


    The Revital Orthopaedic  Mattress is a Water Resistant Foam Mattress, that is especially made for Electric Adjustable Beds.

    This is a Foam Mattress that offers great comfort and support, and also moves and contours easily within the various movements of the Adjustable Mechanism.  Size : 90cm (3ft) x 200cm (6ft.6inch). Price : €225.00 (plus VAT @23%.
  • Beauchamps

    Mattress – Sleep Easy


    The Sleep Easy Mattress.

    The  Sleep Easy is the mattress that Care to Comfort provide FREE with any of our electric  adjustable beds, and has a Firm Feel.

    It  is an Orthopaedic Mattress with  a Washable, Zip  Polycotton Cover.

     The Sleep Easy mattress is manufactured in Ireland.

    The Sleep Easy is manufactured especially for Electric Adjustable Beds, it bends and contours easily with the movement of the electric adjustable mechanisms.

    Prices from €395.00 Sizes Available : 3foot, 4foot, 4foot 6inch, 5foot and 6foot.
  • IMG_0164

    Lifting Pole -Stand Alone

    The Lifting Pole-Stand Alone is easy to assemble and install, and will suit any bed. Price : €249.00. Plus VAT @ 23%.
  • IMG_20170407_151548

    Mattress : Superior Memory

    The "Superior Memory " is another Orthopedic  mattress offered by Care to Comfort, as an upgrade from the standard  Sleep Easy mattress.

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