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  • Remote control for 5 point massage
    Remote control for 5 point massage

    Five Point Massage System

    The  Five point message  has 4 different settings.  Tension relieving, may be a great help for people with aches and pains, Arthritis, Oedema, circulation problems, back problems, sleeplessness, respiratory problems and many more ailments. Rolling(head to toe) function. Pulsing function. Wave function. Memory function(one button press for last message setting,to localise the message  on one specific  spot).
  • Memory Touch Mattress
    Memory Touch Mattress

    Memory Touch Mattress

    • The Memory Touch Mattress.

    • The Memory Touch  Mattress comprises a combination of  High Density base foam mixed with V75 Memory Foam.  

    The Memory Touch Mattress is manufactured in Ireland.   The Memory Touch  is an upgrade from the Sleep Easy and The Dream Cloud  Mattress

    The Memory Touch Mattress is manufactured especially for Electric Adjustable Beds, it bends and contours easily to  the base.See video of mechanism movement.

    The option of  a luxury  Five  point variable luxury massage system with auto cut off after 15 minutes, is available with the Memory Touch Mattress. Prices from €450.00 Sizes Available : 3foot, 4foot, 4foot 6inch, 5foot and 6foot.
  • Alerta Ruby Air Mattress
    Alerta Ruby Air Mattress

    Ruby Air Mattress – Alerta

    , ,

    Ruby Air Mattress - Alerta

    ALT-9008 – The Ruby Air Mattress-Alerta is a replacement alternating pressure relieving mattress system with Triple Cell-On-Cell Air Cells, a static base section and an in-use Height of 8" for effective prevention and treatment of patients at Very High Risk of developing a pressure ulcer in hospital, nursing and care home environments. With simple to use settings and functionality, this Ruby Air Mattress enables the Carer to quickly set up the mattress system and have it operating at optimal pressure for a specific user with ease. Maximum Load 180kg(28 stone)

    Price : €1,495.00 plus VAT @23%.

  • IMG_20170407_151548

    Mattress : Superior Memory

    The "Superior Memory " is another Orthopedic  mattress offered by Care to Comfort, as an upgrade from the standard  Sleep Easy mattress.
  • grab bar for electric adjustable bed
    grab bar for electric adjustable bed

    Grab Bar

    The Grab Bar was designed by Care to Comfort especially for Wooden Electric Adjustable Beds. The Grab Bar is attached to the side of the surround so it stays static when you change position on your bed, this makes it easy to use when getting in and out of bed. It also helps to make the person feel More Secure in the bed with less chance of falling out of the bed. The Grab Bar helps you turn while being  in the bed. The Grab Bar is finished with a Soft Powder White Paint. Price : €299.00(plus VAT @23%.

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