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    Alerta Bariatric Air Mattress

    Bariatric Air Mattress – Alerta

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    Bariatric Air Mattress - Alerta

    ALT-9300 – The Bariatric  Air Mattress(Alerta) –  is a replacement alternating pressure relieving mattress system with triple cell-on-cell air cells.  A static base section and an in-use Height of 10 inches for effective prevention and treatment of Bariatric Patients at Very High Risk of developing a pressure ulcer in hospital, nursing and care home environments. With simple to use settings and functionality, this Bariatric Air Mattress enables the Carer  to quickly set up the mattress system and have it operating at optimal pressure for a specific user with ease. Maximum Load : 300kg -(47stone)

    Price : €3,250.00(plus VAT @23%).

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