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Fina Electric Adjustable Full Divan Bed
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Fina Electric Adjustable Full Divan Bed

From €1,395.00.

The Fina Electric Adjustable Bed  is a modern Full Divan Electric Adjustable Bed which will complement any bedroom.

The photo is of a Single Mechanism/Single Mattress 4ft (Large single Bed) Fina Electric Adjustable Bed.  

The 5ft & 6ft Fina are both Dual Beds, with 2 Adjustable Mechanisms, and 2 Mattresses, for Independent Movement.

Height : 51 inches.

Overall Bed Length : 6ft 10inches(82 inches).

If you are interested in a Fina Divan Style Bed, with a High-Low Mechanism, please see Fina-Superior Electric Adjustable Bed.

The Fina electric adjustable bed is hand crafted in Ireland.

Sizes available : 

Single Mattress : 2ft.6inch, 3foot, 4foot, 4ft.6inch.

Dual Mattress : 5foot, 6foot.

A wide range of colours of fabrics are available for The Fina Full Divan bed, with matching headboard and bed base.

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From €1,395.00.

The Fina Electric Adjustable Full Divan Electric will complement any bedroom. This electric adjustable bed is hand crafted in Ireland. The Fina bed is available in a wide range on stunning fabrics and colours.

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Size Available :

Single Mattress  :  2ft.6inch3ft,  4ft, 4ft 6in(Small Double Bed).

Dual Mattress Beds : 5ft & 6ft.


Size 2ft.6inch : is a Small Single Bed

Size 3ft : is a Small Single Bed.

Size 4ft : is a an excellent size, for a Slightly Larger Single Bed(a little bit more room).

Size 4ft 6in : is a Small Double Bed, One Mattress, One Adjustable Mechanism.

Sizes 5ft & 6ft: are Dual Beds, with 2 Separate Mattresses, 2 Separate Adjustable Mechanisms, for independent movement.

Bed Height (from floor to top of mattress).
Our standard adjustable bed height is 25 inches from the floor to the top of the mattress(depending on the thickness of the particular mattress).

Height : 51 inches.

Overall Bed Length : 6ft 10inches(82 inches).


Single Single Single Double Dual Dual
Bed Width 2ft.6inch 3ft 4ft 4ft 6inch 5ft 6ft
Price(including Headboard) €1,395 €1,695 €2,095 €2,295 €2,595 €2,895
Optional Extras            
Castors €49 €49 €59 €59 €69 €79
Mattress Upgrade (A)(Dream Cloud) €175 €175 €175 €225 €325 €325
Mattress Upgrade (B)(Memory Touch) €195 €195 €250 €250 €350 €350
Mattress Upgrade (C)(Flotation)(2 options) €225 €225 €275 €275 €375 €375
Bed Length            
Bed Height            
Massage x 2            
Cot Side (Single)            
Cot Sides x 2             
Grab Ring €299 €299 €299 €299 €299 €299
Vertical Lift /High-Low/Carer’s Bed    €1,375   €1,375  €1,575  n/a   1 Side   1 Side
€1,375 €1,375
Heavy Duty Frame   n/a   n/a   n/a  n/a   n/a   n/a
  • The prices quoted are subject to VAT @23%. This VAT payment can be reclaimed if the adjustable bed is purchased for a person with a medical issue using Form : VAT61A
  • Orthopaedic Beds, and Orthopaedic Chairs MAY be Tax Deductable. Please take advice from your Financial Consultant.

3ft (Single), 4ft (Large Single), 4ft 6in (Small Double)(Single Mattress), 5ft (King)(Dual Mattress Bed), 6ft (Super King)(Dual Mattress Bed), 2ft 6in (Single)