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We just received another award…
Outright Winner
Excellence in Business Awards 2017
Outstanding Homecare Services

Excellence in Business Awards 2017 Outstanding Homecare Services
According to the Sleep Council, a bed with the correct support, comfort and space will ensure you wake less, move about less, and are less likely to wake up feeling tired or aching.

Traditionally hospital beds were not designed for patient comfort.
They were designed to make patient care easier. Not so with beds
from Care to Comfort. “We offer hospital quality beds that don’t
look like hospital beds. The beds are profiling beds which raise at
the head and at the feet, it is also possible to have a high/low
mechanism which allows the person to be cared for in the bed.”
explains Yvonne Cassidy.
“Our customer base includes older people, people with disabilities
and ongoing health conditions and people who have difficulty
sleeping. Our goal is to fit the right bed to the right person, because
the right bed improves the quality of sleep and boosts overall health.
We care about our customers and we listen to their needs.
“We believe that our beds can help people maintain their dignity
and enjoy living independently in their own homes for longer. We
are very proud of our products and service, and our many positive
testimonials can be viewed on our website.”
Care to Comfort work closely with hospitals, GPs, physiotherapists
and other healthcare professionals to identify people who might
benefit from their beds. They can offer beds as a solution to people
who have sleep difficulties, or to relieve the symptoms of longterm
conditions, such as asthma, arthritis and Parkinson’s Disease.
A bed rental scheme means that a bed can be made available within
24 hours so hospital patients can be discharged more quickly and
recover in the comfort of their own home. “On a long-term basis,
our beds help carers and public health nurses deliver care more
efficiently. As the height of the bed can be adjusted, the patient is
easier to reach, and therefore easier to care for,” Ms Cassidy says.
The HSE and public sector is very important to the company who
are keen to develop mutually beneficial relationships with health
professionals and with public health institutions as a whole. “We
believe we can offer solutions to hospitals who are looking to put
long-term care facilities in place for patients. We can support the
public health sector in delivering care at home for people who are
able to avail of it. In turn, this will support us in our goal of giving our
customers the best possible care and making sure their needs are
heard. We want to work with the public sector in helping patients
live independently in their own homes,” Ms Cassidy says.
With such a practical product the company has already established
strong links with individual health practitioners, but they are keen
to formalise links with public health sector bodies even further.
Commenting Ms Cassidy says: “we plan to work with hospital and
nursing home administrators and bed managers to facilitate quicker
discharge for patients who are ready to return home, but need extra
support. We are also in the process of developing a new website and
blog, so we can make people aware of how our beds can help them
live healthier lives.
“We want to let public health professionals and administrators know
that we can help them offer home care for their patients. A lack of
facilities at home is often a factor in preventing patients from being
discharged. Our rental care beds mean that public health bodies can
rest assured that their patients will receive the support they need
at home.” This has a positive knock on effect for bed managers,
freeing up beds for other patients and reducing the cost of hospital
care for all patients. “If people can be cared for in their own home,
they will recover more quickly, reducing the cost of their care in
the long term. Ultimately, we can provide a long-term care solution
for vulnerable patients and help public sector bodies to use their
resources more effectively,” she concludes.

We Care

apple-touch-icon-144x144Martin & Yvonne from Care to Comfort
Caring for our customers is at the heart of everything we do. We have personal experience of caring for people in our family, and we understand what many of our customers are going through. That’s why we feel it’s so important to look after our customers, to show that we understand what they need so that we can support them to live independent, healthy lives. Every Care to Comfort Electric Adjustable Bed is unique and made to order.  Our commitment to our clients,  is to make sure that we provide the exact bed for our client’s needs.


     We will Not rest until you do.

We are One of a Kind

We are one of the few companies in Ireland that offers electric adjustable beds for people with medical conditions not just the Elderly.  The adjustable features are built in, so all you see is an elegant, comfortable bed.  We are also the only Irish company that offers High-Low Beds (Vertical Lift/Carer’s Bed Mechanisms), which allow people to be raised to the correct height for the Carer to assist them in the bed.  The Bed in the above photo is the Crossbarry Bed, it’s a beautiful Solid Oak piece and is one of our most popular beds. We work with Irish suppliers to give each bed its own special look, so you’ll be sure to find a bed that matches your bedroom décor.

We offer a superb range of matching Bedroom Furniture to complement our many different styles of Electric Adjustable Beds.

     We will Not rest until you do.

Excellent Customer Service

We build strong relationships with our customers, with lots of personal touches to show them how much we value them. From the moment you get in touch with us, you can rest assured that we will take care of you every step of the way. We will take the time to find out what you’re looking for and to listen to your concerns. When we’ve delivered your bed, we’ll send you a personal message to let you know that we appreciate your custom. We are very proud of our Testimonials, please feel free to have a look at them.

                                                             We will Not rest until you do.

We give You solutions

Common sense  and empathy solves a lot of problems and we draw on our extensive business experience to find practical solutions to your problems. If a hurdle crops up, we’ll find a way around it. We can act fast if you need us to – we can make sure a bed is delivered to you Within 24 Hours if necessary. No problem is too great for us to solve, and we will keep going until we’ve helped you overcome your difficulties. Sometimes Discharge Nurse’s at Ireland’s various Hospitals are reluctant to send  a patient home, until there is an electric adjustable bed is on site in their home.  Care to Comfort can solve this problem, in 24 hours, with our Short Term Bed Rental scheme.

                             We will Not Rest until you do.

We are Easy to Reach

DSC_4734 med
Our showroom is only Three Minutes from the M50(Exit 13 or Exit 14), and only a few minutes walk  from Sandyford  Luas Station. There is plenty of Free Parking and it’s all on Ground Level, with no tricky steps or underground parking, and we Guarantee you a parking spot right at our front door. If transport is an issue for you, we’re happy to pick you up at the Luas station and drop you back afterwards so you’ll make your connections on time.

We would love you to come and visit us, but please call us first on 01-295 9000, as we are Not always on site, and we would hate to miss you.

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