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About Care to Comfort

At Care to Comfort we offer Electric Adjustable Beds that look great and Fully Support you while you sleep.

At Care to Comfort we offer electric adjustable beds sometimes known as Electric Mobility Beds or Care Beds that look great and support you while you sleep. There’s nothing like your Own bed and we want you to feel that your Care to Comfort bed is part of the furniture. Our Electric Adjustable Beds allow you to sleep with your body totally supported from your neck to your ankles therefore allowing your body to be in a stress-less position which dramatically improves your quality of sleep.

Sleep is vitally important for your health as this is when our body repairs itself.

The most important thing about Care to Comfort is that we will NOT Rest until you do.

Our beds will help you to sleep soundly for many years to come.

Electric Adjustable Beds are traditionally thought of as for people who are in hospital, chronically ill,elderly or in debilitating pain. However many otherwise healthy people can benefit from our adjustable beds.

Discreet and Stylish

Our beds will fit naturally with the décor and layout of your bedroom, when the bed is dressed one would never know there was a Working  Mechanism in the frame.  All of our beds are profiling beds which raise at the head/shoulders and at the feet. This will help you find the most comfortable sleeping position for your particular needs.  This is particularly beneficial if you have a health condition that makes sleep difficult like Asthma, Joint Pain, M.S.Parkinson or Acid Reflux issues.etc

Made to Order

Our beds are made to order and can be made higher or longer to suit the individual needs of our customer. You’ll soon feel as if you were sleeping on your Care to Comfort bed all your life. If you need a bed in a hurry  we can rent a bed to you and have it delivered within 24 hours.

Bedroom Furniture and Accessories

We also offer  a superb range of bedroom furniture to go along with the various styles of our Electric Adjustable Beds  to freshen up the look of your bedroom. Sit back and relax in our comfortable chairs. You can choose a recliner chair which allows you to lie back, raise your feet whichever is most comfortable for you. Some of our chairs also assist you to a standing position.  You can also store your valuables in our sturdy, solid bedside lockers, available in a range of styles which complement the colour scheme of your bedroom.

We will NOT Rest until you do.

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