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Bed Rental by Care to Comfort

For those customers who need a temporary Electric Adjustable Bed, sometimes known as Electric Mobility Beds, Care to Comfort offers an Electric Adjustable Bed Rental Scheme .

Care to Comfort offers a wide range of options for Bed Rental, depending on your time needs. For the person who has had a major trauma operation, and is going home to recover . Care to Comfort offers the ideal solution with Recovery Room.

Domiflex Nursing Care (Low-Low) Bed :

One Day @ €170.00 per day(extra day @€40.00 per day).

On a monthly(4 week) basis @ €12.00 per day.

One Week @€84.00 per week.

One Month(4 week)(28 days @€12.00 per day) =€336.00


Lift & Tilt Recliner Chair

On a monthly(4 week) basis @ €12.00 per day.

One Week @€84.00 per week.

One Month(4 week)(28 days @€12.00 per day) =€336.00

 One Day @ €170.00 per day(extra day @€40.00 per day).

 We also rent Air Mattress’s 

Extras available to rent :

Lifting Pole @ €12.00 per week

Bed Light @ €12.00 per week

Grab Bar @ €12.00 per week


The Domiflex Low- Low Nursing Care Bed is a very reliable sturdy Electric Adjustable Bed.

This flexible rental scheme offers you the opportunity to trial a bed with a view to purchasing one, or to simply offer real comfort to you for a Short Period(or for a Longer Term) whilst you’re convalescing at home.

Our service also ensures prompt supply if you need an Electric Adjustable Bed for a Short Period(or for a Longer Period, depending on your specific requirements).

If you are on a holiday, we will deliver an Electric Adjustable Bed, to the Hotel (or to the Holiday Home) of your choice.

If you need one, we will also rent you a Recliner Lift’n’Tilt Chair.

The above prices are subject to VAT @ 23%

Our Rental Beds(which are both Low-Low, and High-Low) are easy to use and Fully Adjustable. The motorised, Beechwood frame is available with wired Remote Control and back-up battery in case of emergency.

A fee of €60 is charged for Delivery, and also €60 for collection  to orders in the Greater Leinster area, in other parts of Ireland, a modest delivery charge will apply , based on amount of diesel used.

Nursing Care Bed Package

Terms and Conditions

Terms of Electric Bed Rental

  • Depending on Agreed Rental Period costs will be paid in advance, via Direct Debit or Credit Card.
  • Waterproof Orthopaedic Mattress
  • Option of an Air Mattress available
  • Option of Lifting Pole, Bed Light, Swivel Tray available
  • There is a fixed charge of €60 for delivery, and a fixed charge of €60 for collection within the Leinster area, whilst a modest charge applies to deliveries in Munster, Connaught and Ulster, to cover extra diesel costs.
  • For example if the Bed Rental delivery is to Youghal in Co.Cork,
    we will use Google Maps to calculate the total distance round-trip (in this care 480 km), then we will work out the cost of diesel required for this journey, and that will be the Delivery Charge.
  • All prices are subject to VAT at 23%.

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