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Comfort is Key : Why adjustable beds are not just for the elderly

Comfort is Key : Why adjustable beds are not just for the elderly
November 18, 2016 caretocomfort

If you think you are too young for an adjustable bed, think again. Although the elderly benefit enormously from Adjustable Beds, they are not the only people who can enjoy the comfort and convenience that these beds bring.


Approx 30% of Care to Comfort that are buying adjustable electric bed are in the 50 plus age bracket. These wise consumers have realised that adjustable beds offer the opportunity to sleep comfortably every night, without the aches and pains that can result from sleeping without proper support.


There are many reasons to buy an adjustable bed, and they stretch far beyond illness, injury and old age. The ability to change your sleeping position at the touch of a button means that these beds offer superior night comfort. Of course beds are for more than just sleeping. You can adjust the bed to support your upper and lower body while you enjoy a lazy Sunday morning with a newspaper or tablet computer. You can also raise the bed up to make changing the sheets a much easier task.

You don’t have to be elderly or suffer from a serious medical condition to experience aches and pains. Many adults experience back pain from time to time, as a result of poor posture, a pulled muscle, or long hours spent sitting at a desk. A supportive bed can make you more comfortable at night, so you can get a good night’s sleep in spite of any minor aches, pains, or injuries.

Whether you are one of the millions of otherwise healthy people who suffer from chronic back pain, or you are an active sports-lover who simply wants to rest their aching muscles on a comfortable bed after a tough workout, an adjustable bed can fit into your lifestyle and make your life easier.


No one wants his or her bedroom at home to look like a cold, clinical hospital. Thankfully adjustable beds have undergone a facelift in recent years. Although they have many health benefits, Adjustable Beds do not look anything like medical devices.


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