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Why Dr Michael Mosley started the BBC Sleep Challenge

Why Dr Michael Mosley started the BBC Sleep Challenge
May 4, 2017 caretocomfort
BBC Sleep Challenge

A survey by the Sleep Council suggests only 22% of British adults get the recommended seven-to-eight hours, with 40% saying they get six hours or less.

I am one of those who struggle to get enough sleep.

It’s not that I am out partying every night, nor do I have any problems getting to sleep, but I regularly wake up in the middle of the night and struggle to get back to sleep.

To find out why, I’ve made a documentary, The Truth about Sleep, during which I teamed up with world-renowned experts to pick apart research on sleep, and conduct some pioneering tests on willing volunteers.

What I discovered is that while there are some individuals who can get by perfectly well on less than seven hours, most of us can’t.

As well as looking at the impact on our body and brain of too little sleep, one of the things we were keen to explore was which techniques to improve sleep really make a difference and which seem to be based on myth.

Eating turkey, for example, is said to help you sleep better because it contains a substance called tryptophan, which will help you sleep.


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Source: BBC News


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