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  • Floatation Comfort Mattress
    Floatation Comfort Mattress

    Floatation Comfort Mattress – Pocket Sprung


    The Floatation -Pocket Sprung - Mattress.

    The Floatation Pocket Sprung Mattress is the essence of comfort, and is one of TWO options of Floatation Mattresses offered by Care To Comfort.The other Floatation Mattress  option is the Foam Mattress.This mattress is specially manufactured for Electric Adjustable Beds by Respa, in Oldcastle , Co.Meath.Prices from €350.00Sumptuous Pocket Sprung  Respa  Mattress.Exclusive soft touch fabric.Irish Made.NOT Machine Washable.Luxurious 35mm Memory Foam.The option of the Five Point Massage System is NOT suited to this Mattress.Sizes available : 3foot, 4foot, 4foot 6inch. 5foot, and 6foot.
  • Emerald Air Mattress – Alerta

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    Alerta Emerald Air Mattress – an overlay alternating pressure relieving mattress system with 5" Air Cells for effective prevention and treatment of patients at medium to high risk of developing a pressure ulcer in hospital, nursing and care home environments.With simple to use settings and functionality, the Alerta Emerald enables the care provider to quickly set up the mattress system and have it operating at optimal pressure for a specific user with ease.The wide range of features make the Alerta Emerald a highly versatile and cost effective solution which has been manufactured to comply with the most stringent quality and in-use guidelines.Alerta Emerald incorporates cutting-edge SensaCare Truflo Technology® – constant auto pressure sensing through an air sensor and microcomputer regulator to provide ultra-low interface pressure and promote an even ambience for natural sleep patterns and stable blood circulation with Ultra-SilentTM pump operation.Mattress Dimensions :Length : 200 cm(6ft.7 inches) x Width :90 cm(8.26 inches) x Thickness :12cm (5inches).Price €845.00 plus VAT @23%.Care to Comfort also offers : Ruby Air Mattress - Alerta,   Sapphire Air Mattress-Alerta  Bariatric Air Mattress - Alerta.
  • Revital Orthopaedic Mattress
    Revital Orthopaedic Mattress

    Revital Orthopaedic Mattress


    The Revital Orthopaedic  Mattress is a Water Resistant Foam Mattress, that is especially made for Electric Adjustable Beds.

    This is a Foam Mattress that offers great comfort and support, and also moves and contours easily within the various movements of the Adjustable Mechanism. Size : 90cm (3ft) x 200cm (6ft.6inch).Price : €225.00 (plus VAT @23%.
  • Bed Linen by Care to Comfort

    Care to Comfort is now supplying Bed Linen to complement the Julia Electric Adjustable Bed range.The Fitted Sheets, and the Mattress Protectors are specifically tailored to fit the Metric Size Mattress's supplied with the Julia Electric Adjustable Bed Range.The sizes include : 80cms(2Ft.7.5 inches)  x 2 Metre(6Ft.7")   , x 2.10 Metre(6ft.11"), x  2.20 Metre(7Ft.3").90cms(2Ft.11.5 inches)  x 2 Metre(6Ft.7")   , x 2.10 Metre(6ft.11"), x  2.20 Metre(7Ft.3").100cms(3Ft.3.5 inches)  x 2 Metre(6Ft.7")   , x 2.10 Metre(6ft.11"), x  2.20 Metre(7Ft.3").120cms(3Ft.11.25 inches)  x 2 Metre(6Ft.7")   , x 2.10 Metre(6ft.11"), x  2.20 Metre(7Ft.3").

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  • Lifting Pole -Stand Alone

    The Lifting Pole-Stand Alone is easy to assemble and install, and will suit any bed.Price : €299.00. Plus VAT @ 23%.

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