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Extra Long Julia Electric Adjustable Bed

The Standard Length of a regular Care to Comfort Electric Adjustable Bed is 2 Metres (79 inches)(6Foot 7 inches).

The various sizes of the Julia Bed Frames and Mattress’s are all listed  in Metric sizes, Care to Comfort offers Bed Linen to fit these Metric sizes.

Care to Comfort is now offering the Julia Electric Adjustable Bed in Extra Long Length, for the Taller Person.

The following two Lengths are available :

2.10 Metres(83 inches)(6 Foot 11 inches).

2.20 Metres(87 inches)(7 Foot 3 inches).

Prices on Request.

Julia Electric Adjustable Bed.

Extra Long Sizes Available :

Single Beds :

80cms(2Ft.8.5″) x 210Metres(6Ft.11″), 80cms(2Ft.8.5″) x 220Metres(7Ft.3″)(Single Mattress).

90cms(2Ft 11.5″) x 210Metres(6Ft.11″) 90cms(2Ft 11.5″) x 220Metres(7Ft.3″).(Single Mattress).

100cms(3Ft.3.5″) x 210Metres(6Ft.11″),100cms(3Ft.3.5″) x 220Metres(7Ft.3″).(Single Mattress).

120cms(3Ft.11.25″) x 210Metres(6Ft.11″),120cms(3Ft.11.25″) x 220Metres(7Ft.3″).(Single Mattress).


Dual Beds :

160cms(5Ft.3″) x 210Metres(6Ft.11″),160cms(5Ft.3″) x 220Metres(7Ft.3″).(Dual Mattress Beds).

180cms(5Ft.11″) x 210Metres(6Ft.11″),180cms(5Ft.11″) x 220Metres(7Ft.3″).(Dual Mattress Beds).

200cms(6Ft.7″) x 210Metres(6Ft.11″),200cms(6Ft.7″) x 220Metres(7Ft.3″).(Dual Mattress Beds).



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