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  • Are Care to Comfort’s Beds fully adjustable?

    Yes, all our beds are easily adjustable to suit the individual’s needs. All beds rise at the head/shoulders and feet section.

    We can also fit a High-Low/Vertical Lift/Carer’s Bed Mechanism, into most of our electric adjustable beds.


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  • Does Care to Comfort sell ‘High-Low’ or Carer’s Beds?

    We sell a range of High-Low Beds which allow for a person to be turned in a bed at a comfortable height for the carer.  The mechanism can be raised up to 18 inches from the starting point.

    DSC_1964-EditWe also sell ‘Dual’ Beds( usually 6 foot) where ONE side of the bed can be a High-Low, and the other side is a regular adjustable bed.

  • What is the standard height of the beds from Care to Comfort ?

    At Care to Comfort, our beds are approximately 22 inches from the floor to the top of the mattress.

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  • Is it possible to alter the height and length of the bed?

    The team here can arrange for  dimensions of our beds to be amended to suit the needs of a user.   There are charges applicable to this service and our team can advise on the optimal options available.


    For more information please visit our Customise your Own Bed section

  • Do you set up the bed?

    When purchasing a bed from Care To Comfort, we will set up the bed at no cost.

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  • What plug is required for our beds and mechanisms?

    A standard three pin Irish plug socket is standard on our bed mechanisms and also on our massage beds.

  • What is a ‘Dual Bed’?

    DSC_1964-EditThe ‘Dual Bed’ consists of a double frame containing two single mattresses.  Each individual will be able to control the mattress which will adjust independently of the other.


  • How soon can you deliver?

    We can provide beds within 21 to 28 days.

  • Is VAT chargeable on the beds?

    All products are subject to VAT at 23%, which is refundable if the bed is required for medical reasons. We can supply you with a VAT Claim Form  – Vat61A

  • Are your products guaranteed?

    Our bed bases and headboards are guaranteed for 5 years. Our German manufactured electrical bed mechanisms, including the High-Low/ Vertical Lift/Carers Bed Mechanism are also covered under warranty for five years.

  • What is the double mattess option and how does it work?

    Our double mattresses are fully adjustable as one bed and there is no splitting of the mattress.

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