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Good night’s sleep more important than a pay rise

Good night’s sleep more important than a pay rise
October 25, 2017 Yvonne Cassidy
Good night’s sleep

Researchers found the average Briton had a “living well score” of around 62 out of 100, with those living the best defined as the 20 per cent of the population with the largest number of points, scoring between 72 and 92.

Income had little impact on how well people felt, the researchers found, with a 50 per cent pay rise lifting a wellbeing score by just 0.5.

Meanwhile, sleep quality could explain 3.8 points of difference between a typical person’s score and those in the top 20 per cent.

For the average person, improving sleep to the level of someone at the top of the index would be equivalent to them having over four times as much disposable income.

Across the population, 35 per cent said they were satisfied with their sex lives, while among those who scored highest in the index, 63 per cent said they were – almost twice the national average.

Worrying about the health of close relatives resulted in a difference of 1.75 points, according to the research, which was sponsored by supermarket giant Sainsbury’s.

Source: The Independent

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