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Healthy Sleep

Healthy Sleep
October 6, 2014 caretocomfort
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Do you want healthy sleep?  Care To Comfort can give you advice!

If you are tired, you should go to bed.   But have you ever really stopped to think of what happens when you are sleeping? Have you ever realized what happens to the body and mind?  We try to help you understand how sleep problems occur and how important it is to get a more healthy sleep.

Our normal every day routine is taken up with effort, both physically and mentally.

In the evening you will feel that it is time to recharge. It is very important that your sleeping environment and your sleeping position is correct.  Improper sleep systems may cause discomfort and pain.  Your bed and your mattress are the most important items of furniture in your home, as I am sure you have heard the saying we spend our time in a pair of shoes or else in bed, therefore it is imperative that both are as comfortable as possible.

During your sleep time something wonderful happens.

While you sleep, the body and mind unwind. The muscles relax, brain waves, heart rate and breathing slow down. The brain even blocks all external stimuli, allowing your consciousness to be greatly reduced.  While sleeping something wonderful happens. While sleeping you build new energy.   Healthy Sleep can even determine your energy, mood, memory, creativity, responsiveness, mind, health, and daytime alertness.

If you’re sleep deprived, it affects the functioning of your brain.  Therefore we hope to advise you on how to get a better night’s sleep!

What is your ideal bed?  What is the best position to sleep in?  Which mattress is best for your particular needs?

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