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Snored to death – Longing for more restful sleep?

Snored to death – Longing for more restful sleep?
February 14, 2017 Yvonne Cassidy

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When it comes to restful sleep it’s quality, not just quantity

Even if sleep duration is good, sleep quality can be quite poor. Sleep interruptions can fragment sleep. When a person goes back to sleep after an  interruption, it can take one hour to reach the restful part of the sleep cycle. Another interruption before reaching deep sleep will cause yet another delay in the cycle. People who wake up many times during the night can have some nights with zero hours of deep, restful sleep. Poor sleep quantity and/or quality can cause excessive daytime drowsiness (falling asleep while reading, or even driving), chronic fatigue, headaches, mood issues, irritability, poor memory, and cognitive dysfunction.

Simply raising the angle of the snorers head just a few degrees can immediately stop the person snoring.

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Source: – Harvard Health Publications


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