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Prices of Fina Electric Adjustable Bed

Prices of Fina Electric Adjustable Bed.

Bed Width2ft.6inch3ft4ft4ft 6inch5ft6ft
Price(including Headboard)€1,395€1,695€2,095€2,295€2,595€2,895
Optional Extras      
Mattress Upgrade (A)(Dream Cloud)€175€175€175€225€325€325
Mattress Upgrade (B)(Memory Touch)€195€195€250€250€350€350
Mattress Upgrade (C)(Flotation)(2 options)€225€225€275€275€375€375
Bed Length      
Bed Height      
Massage x 2      
Cot Side (Single)      
Cot Sides x 2       
Grab Ring€299€299€299€299€299€299
Vertical Lift /High-Low/Carer’s Bed  €1,375 €1,375 €1,575 n/a 1 Side 1 Side
Heavy Duty Frame n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
  • The prices quoted are subject to VAT @23%. This VAT payment can be reclaimed if the adjustable bed is purchased for a person with a medical issue using Form : VAT61A
  • Orthopaedic Beds, and Orthopaedic Chairs MAY be Tax Deductable. Please take advice from your Financial Consultant.