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Kilmichael Range

How To Choose a Bed

All our beds come with a mechanism that enables the following range of movement.

  • Flat Only
  • Head Only
  • Feet Only
  • Zero Gravity
  • High / Low

Now you just need to select your

  • Size
  • Bed Style
  • Mattress
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  • Kilmichael Wooden Electric Adjustable Bed

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    Starting from : €2,995.00(4Ft 6 inch).

    The Kilmichael Wooden Electrical Adjustable Bed is a beautiful  Classic Walnut  Curved Slatted Design.

    Scroll down, or Click Here for Full Price List of Kilmichael Electric Adjustable Bed.

    Transform your bedroom with this classic walnut toned, curved slatted piece of furniture .

    The photo is of a Single Mechanism/One Mattress 4ft 6in (Small Double Bed) Kilmichael Electric Adjustable Bed. The 5ft & 6ft Kilmichael are both Dual Beds, with 2 Adjustable Mechanisms, and 2 Mattresses, for independent movement.The Kilmichael Electric Adjustable Bed is also available in Extra Long Length for the Taller Person.Click here for more information.Superb range of bedroom furniture available to complement the Kilmichael Electric Adjustable Bed.