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All our beds come with a mechanism that enables the following range of movement.

  • Flat Only
  • Head Only
  • Feet Only
  • Zero Gravity
  • High / Low

Now you just need to select your

  • Size
  • Bed Style
  • Mattress
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  • Adilec 280 Bariatric Care Bed
    Adilec 280 Bariatric Care Bed

    Adilec 280 Bariatric Care Bed

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    Robust premium nursing care bed for patients weighing up to 280 kg(44stone).

    Featuring an exceptionally robust lifting column mechanism and a sturdy, special lying surface, the Adilec 280 is equipped as a nursing care bed for extremely heavy patients weighing up to 280 kg.(44 stone).Sizes : 4ft, 4ft.6inch.(Prices on request).Extra length available up to 220 cm(7ft.2inches).Strong motors power the Four-Section adjustable lying surface function, while the highly stable, torsion-free side rails provide added safety. The robust lifting mechanism also guarantees stability at all times up to a care height of 81cm(32inches) − and total weight of 315 kg(49 Stone).Manufactured in Germany by Hermann Bock GmbH.
  • Combiflex fc Nursing Care Bed

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    Comfort Designed for Every Need(Now and Into the Future).

    .With the Combiflex fc comfort bed, Bock is making it possible for customers who demand the very best to enjoy the outstanding quality of our bed technology, even if they do NOT need care.

    The Combiflex fc combines first-rate high-tech features with top-quality wood and elegant extras, such as head pieces with leather infill, for a relaxing night’s sleep and comfortable resting positions.Sizes : 3ft, 4ft, 4ft 6inch.Extra length to 7ft 2inches available.Prices available on request.
  • Belluno Nursing Care Bed

    Elegant and functional Nursing Care Bed designed to meet discerning demands.

    The versatile Belluno Nursing Care Bed is the perfect choice for those who attach particular importance to quality and premium workmanship for their home care needs.Sizes : 3ft, 4ft, 4ft.6inch. Prices available on Request.Extra length available up to 220cm(7ft.2 inches).Maximum person weight: 165kg(26Stone).Manufactured in Germany by Hermann Bock GmbH

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