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Cots and Adolescent Beds

How To Choose a Bed

All our beds come with a mechanism that enables the following range of movement.

  • Flat Only
  • Head Only
  • Feet Only
  • Zero Gravity
  • High / Low

Now you just need to select your

  • Size
  • Bed Style
  • Mattress
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  • Dino Adolescent Care Bed
    Dino Adolescent Care Bed

    Dino Adolescent Care Bed.

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    The bed that grows with you.

    The innovative Dino Adolescent Care Bed from Hermann Bock offers the best possible support and safety in everyday Adolescent nursing care.

    The Dino modular nursing care bed can be Expanded and Tailored to the requirements of Young People, as they grow.

    Lying surface dimension: 90cm(3 foot) x 200cm(6 ft 6 inches).

    Prices available on request.

    Maximum person weight: 135 kg(21.25 stone).

    Manufactured in Germany by Hermann Bock GmbH.

  • Dino Cot Care Bed
    Dino Cot Care Bed

    Dino Cot Care Bed

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    New standards in care for young people.

    The innovative Dino Nursing Care Bed from Hermann Bock GmbH , is perfectly tailored to the needs of children requiring care.

    Young patients can receive care either from the comfort of their own home,or at paediatric rehabilitation centres.

    With its warm wood tones and transparent acrylic glass element, the visually appealing bed offers children the necessary sense of security as well as accessibility and optimal safety.

    Lying surface dimension: 90 cm(3 foot) x 170 cm(5.25 Feet).

    Maximum person weight: 135 kg(21.25 stone).

    Prices Available On Request.Manufactured in Germany by Hermann Bock GmbH .