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2Ft 6 inch Single Electric Adjustable Bed

How To Choose a Bed

All our beds come with a mechanism that enables the following range of movement.

  • Flat Only
  • Head Only
  • Feet Only
  • Zero Gravity
  • High / Low

Now you just need to select your

  • Size
  • Bed Style
  • Mattress
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2 ft 6 inch Electric Adjustable Beds

Available in a range of styles and fabrics, our smaller single beds offer hospital-standard comfort for those who struggle with mobility, chronic illness and/or poor sleep quality. Slightly smaller than a standard single bed, our 2 ft 6 inch beds are an ideal space-saving solution for smaller rooms.

All of our beds are supplied with the best quality floatation mattresses, and are available in a choice of two options – pocket sprung and flotation foam, to ensure you’re supported from head to toe.

  • Fina Electric Adjustable Full Divan Bed

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    Starting from : €1,695.00(2Ft 6 inch).

    The Fina Electric Adjustable Bed  is a modern Full Divan Electric Adjustable Bed which will complement any bedroom.

    Scroll down for Prices, or Click here for Full Price List.

    The photo is of a Single Mechanism/Single Mattress 4ft (Large single Bed) Fina Electric Adjustable Bed.

    The 5ft & 6ft Fina are both Dual Beds, with 2 Adjustable Mechanisms, and 2 Mattresses, for Independent Movement.Height : 51 inches. Overall Bed Length : 6ft 10inches(82 inches).If you are interested in a Fina Divan Style Bed, with a High-Low Mechanism, please see Fina-Superior Electric Adjustable Bed.

    The Fina electric adjustable bed is hand crafted in Ireland.

    Sizes available : 

    Single Mattress Bed :  2ft.6inch,  3foot,  4foot, 4ft.6inch(Small Double Bed)(One Mattress, One Adjustable Mechanism).Dual  Action Beds (2 Mattress)(2 adjustable mechanism's) :Size 5ft  :Dual Action Bed(2 x 2ft.6inch)(2 separate adjustable mechanism's, working independently.Size 6ft  :Dual Action Bed(2 x 3ft)(2 separate adjustable mechanism's, working independently.A wide range of colours of fabrics are available for The Fina Full Divan bed, with matching headboard and bed base.Wireless Remote Control Handset option is also available.Scroll down for Prices, or Click here for Full Price List.

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