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5Ft King Size Dual Electric Adjustable Beds

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All our beds come with a mechanism that enables the following range of movement.

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  • Zero Gravity
  • High / Low

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  • Julia Electric Adjustable Bed(2)
    Julia Electric Adjustable Bed(2)

    Julia Electric Adjustable Bed

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    From €1,795.00

    The Julia Electric Adjustable Bed, is the latest addition to the Care to Comfort collection and is exclusive to Care to Comfort.This Modern Unique Divan Style Bed Range is available as a traditional Electric Adjustable Bed, that raises at the Head End and also at the Foot End, but in the case of the Julia Electric Adjustable Bed, a High-Low(Vertical-Lift, or Carer's Bed) can be installed in One or even Two sides of a Dual Mechanism Bed.This Divan Style Electric Adjustable Bed, has a beautiful modern contemporary look and is available in a wide range of stunning colours.A beautiful Headboard is included with the Julia Electric Adjustable Bed, also included is a top of the range Sleep Easy Mattress.Head Board Height :110cm(43.75 inches). Headboard Thickness : 10cm(4 inches).The Julia Electric Adjustable Bed can  also feature the Reverse Trendelenburg Position, whereby the head-end of the bed is raised vertically , which can offer great relief to a person who suffers with Respiration issues, or for Overweight or Obese Individuals.A smart Cordless Remote Control,which has very clear,easy to use symbols,is available with the Julia Electric Adjustable Bed, but ONLY when  the High-Low(Vertical Lift/Carer's Mechanism) is required. For someone who needs a little bit extra security in bed, Side-Rails can be provided with The Julia Electric Adjustable Bed.These Side-Rails can easily be Folded Away for easy access in and out of bed.

    Price of Side-Rails :    

    €195.00(per Side-Rail), or Two Side-Rails for €299.00. The above prices do NOT include VAT @ 23%. The various sizes of the Julia Bed Frames and Mattress's are all listed  in Metric sizes, Care to Comfort offers Bed Linen to fit these Metric sizes.The Julia Electric Adjustable Bed is also available in Extra Long Length for the Taller Person. Click here for more information.Sizes Available :Bed Width : 80cm Small Single Bed(approx 32 inches) x 200cm(79 inches) in length. 90cm Small Single Bed(approx 36 inches) x 200cm(79 inches) in length. 100cm Single Bed(approx 40 inches) x 200cm(79 inches) in length. 

    Dual Mechanism/Mattress Beds :

    Sizes Available :Bed Width : 160cm. 2 x 80cm Dual Bed(approx 63 inches) x 200cm(79 inches) in length. 180cm. 2 x 90cm Dual  Bed(approx 71 inches) x 200cm(79 inches) in length. 200cm. 2 x 100cm Dual Bed(approx 79 inches) x 200cm(79 inches) in length

    Available Colours

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