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Combiflex fc Nursing Care Bed
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Combiflex fc Nursing Care Bed

Comfort Designed for Every Need(Now and Into the Future).

.With the Combiflex fc comfort bed, Bock is making it possible for customers who demand the very best to enjoy the outstanding quality of our bed technology, even if they do NOT need care.

The Combiflex fc combines first-rate high-tech features with top-quality wood and elegant extras, such as head pieces with leather infill, for a relaxing night’s sleep and comfortable resting positions.

Sizes : 3ft, 4ft, 4ft 6inch.

Extra length to 7ft 2inches available.

Prices available on request.


Comfort Designed for Every Need(Now and into the Future).

There is a reason why people call our beds variable settings “comfort positions”, even healthy individuals appreciate the special level of Comfort and Convenience, excellent functionality and outstanding workmanship that Bock Beds offer. For these customers, we have developed the Combiflex fc.

The bed features a flexibly adjustable modular system that leaves no wish unfulfilled and is a perfect match for sophisticated interior design.

A wide range of custom options is available for the Combiflex fc. The system features our best innovative high-tech components, such as the ripolux® neo lying surface system. 

Combiflex fc is designed for long-term use while remaining flexible, no matter what. This unique comfort bed can be Adjusted to meet users’ needs and can be equipped with additional extras at a later time.

Designed for care that focuses first and foremost on patient comfort.

Sizes : 3ft, 4ft, 4ft 6inch.

Extra length to 7ft 2inches available.

Prices available on request.

Advantages :

  • Customisable kit system
  • Remains extremely stable at every bed height
  • Available with castors or aluminium feet
  • Comfortable sitting positions
  • Hand control with locking function
  • Wide range of comfortable lying surfaces
  • Variable side-rail solutions
  • Colour-stained natural wood panelling
  • Also available as a double bed
    • Wooden slats with section reinforcement
    • Comfort sitting position
    • Mattress compensation
    • Wooden panelling
    • Locking of individual functions
      • Total weight: 113 kg
      • Lying surface dimension: 90cm(3ft) x 200cm(6ft.6inches)
      • External dimension: 105 x 212 cm
      • Safe capacity: 220 kg
      • Maximum person weight: 185 kg(29 Stone)
      • Height adjustment: 39cm(15.35inches) – 85cm(33.5 inches)
      • Lifter space: 15 cm
      • Side rail height: 40 cm with wooden slats, 35 cm with ripolux® neo
      • Motors: water-resistant to IPX4, high-quality spiral cable with anti-kink cable management, fuse in the mains plug and emergency drop.
      • Feature options:
        • Item no. 291 combiflex bed-in-bed system
        • Item no. 292 wooden panelling (end panels, side rails)
        • Item no. 293    combiflex nursing care bed (bed-in-bed system, wooden panelling, lifting pole, steering castors)
      • Lying surface: 4-section
      • Electric back and leg section adjustment with automatic triple action knee break.
      • Electric height adjustment

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  • The prices quoted are subject to VAT @23%. This VAT payment can be reclaimed if the adjustable  bed is purchased for a person with a medical issue using Form : VAT61A
  • Orthopaedic Beds, and Orthopaedic Chairs MAY be Tax Deductable. Please take advice from your Financial Consultant.

3ft (Single), 4ft (Large Single), 4ft 6in (Small Double)(Single Mattress)