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Dino Adolescent Care Bed.
  • Dino Adolescent Care Bed

Dino Adolescent Care Bed.

The bed that grows with you.

The innovative Dino Adolescent Care Bed from Hermann Bock offers the best possible support and safety in everyday Adolescent nursing care.

The Dino modular nursing care bed can be Expanded and Tailored to the requirements of Young People, as they grow.

Lying surface dimension: 90cm(3 foot) x 200cm(6 ft 6 inches).

Prices available on request.

Maximum person weight: 135 kg(21.25 stone).

Manufactured in Germany by Hermann Bock GmbH.


The bed that grows with you.

The Dino modular nursing care bed can be Expanded and Tailored to the requirements of Young People. The side rail height can be increased from 74 cm(29.13 inches) to 109 cm(42.91 inches) using snap-on modules.

Side Rail Height can even be increased to 144 cm(56.69 inches) by fitting two modules on top of one another.

Young patients can receive optimal care either from the comfort of their own home or at rehabilitation centres. The robust and home-like bed offers high standards of safety, plus complete freedom thanks to folding doors and a low-level lying position.

Additional padding can be added to the Dino as and when required. The comfortable padding elements have a transparent window in the head area, offering the highest level of safety.

Benefits of the Dino Adolescent Care Bed :

  • Freedom and accessibility thanks to folding doors across the front
  • Equipped for adolescents and young adults, but with the functional features of an adult nursing care bed
  • Safety and a homely atmosphere view thanks to timber braces and acrylic glass at the head and foot end of the bed
  • Comfort and flexibility
  • Lowering almost to floor level 16 cm(6.29 inches) and individual care heights of up to 86 cm(33.85 inches) thanks to innovative lifting columns
  • Modular side rails
  • Ergonomic, electrically adjustable lying surface
  • Designed in accordance with standard in development prEN 50637
    • Total weight: approx. 175 kg
    • Lying surface dimension: 90cm(3 foot) x 200cm(6 ft 6 inches)
    • External dimension: 106.5 x 245 cm
    • Safe capacity: 170 kg
    • Maximum person weight: 135 kg(21.25 stone)
    • Height adjustment: 16cm(6.29 inches) – 86 cm(33.85 inches)
    • Lifter space: >15 cm(5.9 inches)
    • Side rail height: 74 cm(29.13 inches), adaptable for 109 cm(42.91 inches) and 144 cm(56.69 inches)
    • Motors: water-resistant to IPX4, high-quality spiral cable with anti-kink cable management, fuse in the mains plug, SMPS with extra-low voltage system.
    • Lying surface: 4-section


  • The prices quoted are subject to VAT @23%. This VAT payment can be reclaimed if the adjustable  bed is purchased for a person with a medical issue using Form : VAT61A
  • Orthopaedic Beds, and Orthopaedic Chairs MAY be Tax Deductable. Please take advice from your Financial Consultant.

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