Practico Ultra Low (9.5|80) Nursing Care Bed

The Practico Ultra Low 9.5/80cm can be Lowered so far down to the floor that restless patients would roll out of bed if it came to that, in Complete Safety.

A height of just 9.5cm(3.75 inches) off the ground practically ensures complete patient safety.

 Width : 90cm(3 foot).Length : 200cm(6foot 6inches) which can be increased up to  220cm(7 foot 2 inches).

Maximum person weight: 185 kg(29 Stone).

The Practico Ultra Low Care Bed 9.5/80cm can be lowered to a height of 9.5cm(3.75 inches) – No need for measures that limit mobility.

The Practico Ultra Low 9.5/80cm helps spare patients at risk of injury from the use of measures that limit their mobility. The Low Resting Position of just 9.5cm(3.75 inches) off the ground protects restless sleepers against injuries − and supports carers in their work, because there is No Need to put out roll-down mattresses in the evenings before patients go to sleep.

The Practico Ultra Low can be Raised to a comfortable 80cm(31.50 inches) to allow Carers perform their work with ease, and integrated telescopic side rails provide safety for the patients in higher lying positions. Thanks to the special lifting column mechanisms in the head and lower leg section, the bed provides unobstructed clearance for lifters and grab rails to help patients out of bed.

Advantages at a glance :

  • Lying surface dimension: 90cm (3 foot) x 200cm (6foot 6inches), integrated bed extension to increase length to 220cm. (7 feet 2.4inches).
  • Comfortable, self-determined and safe: next to the floor sleeping position
  • Enormous height adjustment from 9.5(3.75″) – 80cm(31.50″)
  • Rolling instead of falling: safety without fixation also for agitated sleepers
  • Enormous stability in every bed height
  • 100 mm castors with single brakes and integrated wall protection rolls
  • Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg
  • Comfort-sitting position
  • Handset with locking function
  • Different comfort lying surfaces
    • SMPS with extra-low voltage system
    • Aluminium lying surface with removable bars
    • Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg
    • Mattress compensation
    • Low entrance height
    • Individual locking function
    • Total weight: ca. 165 kg
    • External dimension: 105.5 × 240 cm
      (option: bed can be shortened to 230 cm for transport)
    • Safe capacity: 220 kg
    • Maximum person weight: 185 kg(29 Stone)
    • Height adjustment: 9.5 cm(3.75 inches) – 80 cm(31.50 inches)
      (15.5 cm(6.10 inches) – 80 cm(31.50 inches) with long divided side rails
    • Height of the lying surface: 9.5 cm
      (15.5 cm with long-divided side rails)
    • Side rail height: 39.5 cm(15.55 inches) with wooden slats, 35 cm(13.77 inches) with ripolux®
    • Motors: water-resistant to IPX4, high-quality spiral cable with anti-kink cable management, SMPS with extra-low voltage system
    • Feature options:
      • End panel: Type 31 / 32
      • Side rails: without side rails / with continuous wooden side rails