Care to Comfort

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Jeanette Brazel, Howth,Co.Dublin.

I just wanted to update you with regards to the bed situation for my mum as I think it shows the huge importance of the correct bed :
The day the bed arrived, my mum was in a bad way .  The doctor wanted her to go to hospital: With her dementia and Covid, this was not ideal.  The main reason she was so bad was that we realised she was not getting into her original bed at all and was laying across it  at night as she could no longer lift her legs. This resulted in the fluid build up in the legs.
Since the new low rise bed arrived, she now sleeps properly: can get in and out more easily ( though she still tends to sit on the bed during the day): but the 12 hours or more that she is now resting correctly has had a huge effect on her condition.
The district nurse attends every second day and is very happy with the results.
I was away last week and was amazed to see the difference in her yesterday upon my return.
So thank you for your prompt attention, I thought you might like to know how important this was.
Many thanks
Jeanette Brazel.