Care to Comfort

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Kathy Smyth, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.

Thinking of buying a really good bed? Remember what Customer Service and also most importantly after sales care was like? When you were more that a potential ‘victim’ walking through a door to be sold anything, or even ignored? Well Martin and Yvonne at Care to Comfort are the people to go to. My parents were looking at buying a bed that went up/down to help Carers and also makes changing the sheets easier! They are in their 80’s. My Dad has had fusion surgery numerous times and my Mum serious arthritis and mobility issues.
They also wanted to be able to control the leg and head section, like a hospital bed but did not want that bulky hospital look. It had to be two beds, controlled separately, but look like a normal king/super-king bed. We did not want a hospital feel or look in the bedroom. Well we went Care to Comfort and yes we also looked around in other stores but kept coming back to Martin as the care and time he was willing ‘put into us’ , the questions which were numerous, the special requests etc was just second to none. So we purchased the bed. But that was not the end of it. I have waited a while to do this review so I could also comment on after care re mattresses etc. Well Martin once again was outstanding. It took a while to find suitable mattresses, well he tried every mattress he possibly could until we hit on the right one. No way would any other store have put so much care into having a happy customer. I forgot to do this review as this all happened during Covid. That in most cases would be the end of the connection as bed is in and all going well but no, Martin stays in touch, calls in to say hello, that everything ok which they really appreciate. Its hard when people get into they 80’s and so many friends are no longer around, life changes along with mobility.
We recently had an issue and needed a single nursing bed. I texted Martin on a Tuesday evening, he called on Wednesday and new bed delivered on Friday.

So if in the store and think ah its small, not like a fancy shop etc will I get a good deal etc think again, it’s where you will be looked after and remembered for years and years. Once you become a customer you become a friend. Can not recommend them highly enough. An Irish Family business that you cannot go wrong with. And no I/we received nothing for doing this review, we are are quick enough to give out about bad service, but we should also acknowledge good service which is becoming more and more rare. So much is now bought online when you are not even a face!