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Tiger Woods finishes program for medication and sleep disorder

Tiger Woods finishes program for medication and sleep disorder
July 4, 2017 caretocomfort

Tiger Woods said Monday he has completed in-patient treatment to help manage his pain medications and a sleep disorder but more attention is needed going forward.

“I recently completed an out of state private intensive program,” the 14-time major champion tweeted. “I will continue to tackle this going forward with my doctors, family and friends. I am so very thankful for all of the support I’ve received.”

Woods was charged with driving under the influence after police found him asleep at the wheel of his Mercedes-Benz at 2 a.m. on May 29. The car — still running — was parked off the side of the road and had two flat tires and other noticeable damage.

Woods was unable to perform routine DUI tests and two breathalyzer tests revealed no presence of alcohol. Woods told officers he had a reaction to several prescription drugs, including Vicodin and Xanax.

On June 19, Woods tweeted that he was receiving professional help to “manage my medications and the ways that I deal with back pain and a sleeping disorder.”

Source: USA Today