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Want a good nights sleep? Blue is the colour!

Want a good nights sleep? Blue is the colour!
June 23, 2016 caretocomfort
good nights sleep

Feeling blue may not be all bad when it comes to enjoying a good nights sleep.

Those with bedrooms this colour tend to get the best rest – nearly eight hours a night – and wake feeling happy and positive.

According to a survey, it is linked to calm, soothing feelings and is thought to slow the heart rate and even reduce blood pressure.

Green and yellow are also winners, with those choosing these colours clocking up roughly seven hours and 40 minutes of sleep.

However, it’s best to avoid purple, which is too stimulating and can cut nightly hours of rest to less than six. Grey and brown get the thumbs-down for being too dreary and depressing.

The study, carried out by Travelodge, looked into 2,000 homes across the country to investigate the influence of colour on quality of sleep.

They found that people sleeping in rooms decorated in calm colours, such as yellow, blue or green, received the best night’s sleep.

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Source: Daily Mail Online


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