Care to Comfort

Why Choose Care to Comfort?

Caring for our customers is at the heart of everything we do.

We have personal experience of caring for people in our family, and we understand what many of our customers are going through. That’s why we feel it’s so important to look after our customers, to show that we understand what they need so that we can support them to live independent, healthy lives.

Every Care to Comfort Electric Adjustable Bed is unique and made to order.

Our commitment to our clients,  is to make sure that we provide the exact bed to suit your needs.

Our story so far!

Care to Comfort was born from the idea of providing a service that not only allowed people to sleep in luxurious comfort in their own homes but to do so with as much ease and independence as possible.

Founded in 2011 by two lifelong friends, Yvonne Cassidy and Martin Deasy, Care to Comfort was established with the shared goal of reaching as many people as possible who were currently using or searching for a specialised bed for their home.  They specifically wanted to give their customers the chance to see that there were more options available than a standard hospital bed and that having a bed that provides them with additional support didn’t need to be at the cost of design and comfort. Yvonne and Martin are especially proud that their beds provide this support without the clinical coldness of their beds feeling like a piece of medical equipment.

After extensive individual careers, Yvonne, and Martin, took their combined experience of being in customer facing industries and strove to create a new company that did more than provide a product. They recognised the importance of the customer experience and put this at the centre of the ethos of their company.  They were adamant that their customers found the experience of buying one of their beds as straightforward and seamless as possible, it wasn’t just their beds they wanted the customer to feel supported by but also by the team at Care to Comfort too.

Originally, Yvonne and Martin had envisioned their market to be primarily the elderly. However, as the company has grown, so too has their customer base. Many of their customers have conditions such as Parkinson’s, MS, Motor Neuron, and spinal injuries. Care to Comfort’s electric adjustable beds all have the function of ‘head-raising’ and ‘feet-raising’, as standard, and they also offer the extra function of ‘vertical-lift’ which in the situation where their clients need attention in the bed, the bed base is ‘raised vertically’, so the carer (or carers) do not need to bend and strain their backs to provide assistance.

In an effort to broaden the service they provide, Care to Comfort undertook considerable research and obtained detailed customer feedback, and then in 2019, they created and launched its ‘Split Bed’. This range of dual control; electric adjustable beds look like a regular bed, but it has the additional function of a clasp that opens on the foot-board which allows the bed to split (or separate). Along with the vertical-lift function, this feature allows carer’s access to both sides of one half of the bed. Once the carer’s have finished their work, the bed can be very easily put back into its original look, allowing the person requiring assistance and their partner the comfort to sleep side by side in a unified bed.

Care to Comfort are also sole agents in Ireland for Rotobed

RotoBed® aims to deliver the world’s best rotating bed. With the care bed RotoBed®Free and the newly developed RotoBed®Home for users in their own homes, it takes less than a minute for the user to get from lying down to standing up.For the user, this means a daily life with less pain, higher quality of life and more freedom and dignity. The nursing staff of citizens with a RotoBed® will also achieve a better working environment, less stressful work positions and more efficient transfers.The new generation of rotative beds will go to a height as low as 32 cm above the floor – and holding a maximum user weight of 190 kg they are suitable for both overweight and tall or small users. Citizens suffering from conditions such as dementia, Parkinson’s and sclerosis may also benefit from a RotoBed®

In the 13 years since the company was established, Care to Comfort has continued to grow to meet the needs of their customers and will continue to do so into the future. Yvonne and Martin recognise that there are unique and individual requirements for each of their customers and like their beds, they will adapt to ensure they provide this to the highest standard possible.  To date Care to Comfort have won many awards for our services and products, and are very proud of their 5 star reviews.

Yvonne and Martin