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Why do we talk in our sleep?

Why do we talk in our sleep?
August 18, 2017 Yvonne Cassidy

The truth is, scientists can’t fully account for sleep talking, or, as they like to call it, somniloquy. What they do know is that it’s technically not supposed to happen. Somewhere inside the marvelously elaborate machine that is the human body, there’s been a malfunction.

Basically, the brain forgets to unplug the voluntary muscles to the body for the night. You see, when we dream, neurons fire in the brain and bark out orders to the body, much as if we were awake. The difference is that our voluntary muscles get shut down sometime around the onset of REM sleep. We’re effectively paralyzed — an important safeguard against us acting out our dreams.

But when the voluntary muscles are not shut down, a body is only partly paralyzed. The result? Twitching, walking and talking. (Not to worry. It isn’t likely a system-wide failure.)

People who talk a lot in their sleep don’t seem to descend into madness any more rapidly than the rest of us. In fact, the most extensive sleep talker ever recorded was the successful songwriter Dion McGregor. Even McGregor’s nocturnal ramblings seemed to be touched by genius. His roommate made more than 500 recordings, ultimately releasing them as an album entitled, “The Dream World of Dion McGregor (He Talks in His Sleep).”


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