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Why Men Need Beauty Sleep Too

Why Men Need Beauty Sleep Too
April 26, 2017 caretocomfort
men need beauty sleep too

“As far as men go, the health aspects of sleep are quite important,” says Joe Ojile, M.D., a pulmonary and sleep specialist in St. Louis and chairman of the National Sleep Foundation’s education committee – Men need beauty sleep too!.

“In people who deprive themselves of sleep, we see increased infections,” Ojile says. “There’s a reduction in the ability of the cells that kill germs — they’re called killer cells — and they don’t work as well,” he says. It’s just one of the many consequences of not getting enough sleep that researchers have been able to hone in on over the years.

According to National Sleep Foundation’s 2010 “Sleep In America” survey, African Americans reported the least amount of sleep on average, during both the work week and on weekends, than their white and Asian counterparts.

“There are people who believe that to be sleep deprived and to take away hours of sleep to do something else is a good thing, or it shows that you’re really tough or macho, and in reality it’s fraught with consequences,” Ojile says.

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Source: The Huffington Post


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