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  • leah
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    Leah Wooden Electric Adjustable Bed

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    The Leah bed range is crafted in traditional French Oak 'Sleigh Style'. The rounded tops give a delicate sense to each solid  piece. The gentle curve on the beds display true craftsmanship.

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  • ailish
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    Moya Electric Adjustable Bed

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    The Ailish bed range is finished in a semi gloss silent grey with solid oak bevelled tops.The silent grey is a recent trend in interior design and is proving very popular.
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  • catherine
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    Lislee Electric Adjustable Bed (Curved with Low Foot End)

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    The Catherine  bed range is finished in solid oak, with  a semi-gloss lacquer seal. The rounded oak corners give a gentle feel to each solid piece. The gentle curve on the beds display true craftsmanship. This bed features a Low-End.
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  • hannah
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    Rembrandt Electric Adjustable Bed (Slatted)

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    The Hannah bed range are finished in whitewashed brushed Oak, with a flat finish.The frames are modern grey with a traditional wood finish. The tops are brushed oak to give a distressed look. The visible woodgrain makes this  modern range a true classic.
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