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Award-Winning Irish Owned Electric Adjustable Bed Specialists.

Care to Comfort are a fully Irish owned electric adjustable bed specialist. We pride ourselves in providing the highest levels of care and service to all of our customers. All of our bed have fully adjustable mechanisms built in to allow you to adjust the beds to whatever position you need. Talk to our care team for advice on finding the right beds for you.

The Irish Electric Adjustable Bed Specialists

Care to Comfort are Ireland’s leading provider of Electric Adjustable Beds, Adjustable Chairs and many accessories.

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Who can benefit from an electric adjustable bed?

Electric Adjustable beds are traditionally thought of for people who are in hospital, chronically ill, or with reduced mobility.  However, we have found that many other people can also benefit from our Electric Adjustable Beds.

More and more people are beginning to appreciate the role of an adjustable bed in the maintenance of good health and good sleep.

Here are some benefits of sleeping in an electric adjustable bed.

  1. Sleep is when our bodies repair themselves.
  2. Increase independence.
  3. Reduce acid reflux and heartburn.
  4. Helps with insomnia
  5. Relieves swollen legs and cramping
  6. Remedy for sleep apnoea and snoring.
  7. Helps with asthma and breathing.
  8. Eases arthritic pain.
  9. Improves digestion process.
  10. Lightens back pain.
  11. Improves circulation.
  12. Helps with Parkinson’s.
  13. Helps with Motor Neuron.
  14. Helps with Multiple Sclerosis.
  15. Helps with Spinal Injury.
  16. Helps with Cerebral Palsy.


Care to comfort beds are made to order to suit each individual persons needs.

Please read our reviews, we have found that our beds greatly help people with Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone, Fibromyalgia, Spinal injury, etc., and in some cases, customers have told us it has changed their lives

martin and yvonne from care to comfort

Caring for our customers is at the heart of everything we do.

We have personal experience of caring for people in our family and we understand what many of our customers are going through.

That’s why we feel it’s so important to look after our customers, to show that we understand what they need so that we can support them to live independent, healthy lives.

Every Care to Comfort electric adjustable bed is unique and made to order.

Our commitment to our clients,  is to make sure that we provide the exact bed to suit your needs.

We will not rest until you do.

Adjustable Chairs

Care to Comfort also supply wide range of Adjustable & Orthopaedic chairs that can be delivered right to your door, free installation & set up is included.

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